3 Popular Python IDEs in 2023: Choosing The Best One

3 Popular Python IDEs in 2023: Choosing The Best One

Python IDE
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Even those who know nothing about programming and software development have heard of Python programming language. Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability with the use of significant indentation.

As of May 2023, Python is no. 1 in the TIOBE Index. Python has gained enormous popularity since its first release in 1991. Since it is easy-to-understand and adaptable, Python is favourite among less to no- experience developers.

Python IDEs

Generally, IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment which is a software application that provides tools and resources to help developers write and debug code. Python IDEs are platforms used to code, compile, run, test, and debug python code. IDEs have a graphical user interface and also have features like code completion, syntax highlighting, and debugging.

Popular Python IDEs

1.  PyCharm

PyCharm is an IDE specifically for the development of applications in Python and Java.  It provides code analysis, a graphical debugger, an integrated unit tester, integration with version control systems, and supports web development with Django. 

Features of PyCharm

  • Visual Debugger
  • Smart code navigation.
  • Full Python Support.
  • Version control systems.
  • Database tools.
  • Quick and safe code refactoring.


IDLE is an integrated development environment for Python, which has been bundled with the default implementation of the language since 1.5.2b1. IDLE is used to execute a single statement and create, modify, and execute Python scripts.

Features of IDLE

  • Fully-featured text editor. 
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Autocompletion.
  • Debugger with stepping and breakpoints features.
  • Ability to search for multiple files.

3. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code, also commonly referred to as VS Code, is a source-code editor made by Microsoft with the Electron Framework, for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Features of VS Code

  • Support for debugging.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Intelligent code completion.
  • Snippets.
  • Code refactoring.
  • Embedded Git.

Python IDEs: Choosing The Best One

If you are a beginner into Python programming, then IDLE is the perfect choice.  For intermediate-level users, PyCharm and VS Code are the best options. If your end goal is web development, then VS Code is your best choice and for scripting PyCharm suits best.

Consider their best features, pros, and cons. And choose the one that is best suited to your needs.