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What is a Framework? Different Types of Frameworks and Examples


Like in every field, software engineering can be tiring if we start everything from scratch. If we have a foundation on which we can build a better software, then it will save a lot of cost, time and effort. Frameworks is a set of tools in programming on which to build reliable and quality software and systems. 


 “Basic structure underlying a system”

What is a Framework?

A framework is a platform for developing software applications. In simple terms, framework is nothing but predefined set of rules combined in one package which is used for development purpose. Software frameworks are versatile and efficient. They promise high-level functionality of the application.

Features of a Good Framework

Types of Frameworks

There are several different types of frameworks for different types of software needs. i.e., data science, database management, or mobile applications software frameworks. Choose the one that best suit your needs.

FrameworksFunctions Examples
Web Application FrameworksUse when designing a website. Helps in frequent updates and changes of a website.Angular
Data Science FrameworksHelps you with executing data science techniques on your business data to get the best insights. Apache Spark
Mobile Development FrameworksHelps to create an application for mobile devices.
Format the application specifically for easy use on a smartphone or tablet.
Database FrameworksManages a variety of database engines.
Help to analyze, sort and find data within a certain collection.
Apache Cassandra
Testing FrameworksUses as guidelines for creating test cases.
Helps to complete quality assurance tasks.


Well, Software Frameworks are nothing but a set of rules or regulations that can be added to your code to easy the development process. Learn a new framework based on the need of development. Right frameworks are an easy way to develop rapid, scalable, reliable, and secure softwares.

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