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QA VS User Testing


It is important to differentiate between quality assurance testing and user testing. Both may be aiming for the same goals (great user experience – UX and proper website functionality), but there are several differences between them. User testing is simply observing and analyzing how users actually use and interact with the website and their opinions on the experience that they get while using it. It also involves finding what is unclear and what may be confusing to the user. Ultimately, there is a comparison between the user experience and actual website usage and the developer’s, as well as the webmaster’s intended use and imagined user experience. QA differs from user testing in that it is done before the website is published, and that it is done by a QA tester (not users). The tester simulates different user actions on the site in order to see whether they work as intended. The two (QA and user testing) are however complementary, and the data or feedback collected from both processes is essential in ensuring the website works as intended and that UX standards have been achieved.

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