Python vs PHP: Which One is Best for Web Development in 2024?

Python vs PHP: Which One is Best for Web Development in 2024?

We navigate through various web apps everyday. They are built using different programming and scripting languages both on client-side and server-side.


Choosing the right programming language is very important for any web development project. It ultimately affect end results. There are two major gems in the ever-evolving world of web application development: Python and PHP.

Most businesses most likely to use these two for their web development projects. Choosing one of these programming languages is quite a difficult and challenging choice for businesses as they both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Python or PHP? Let's discuss in detail which one is best suited for your web development project.

|Python: Features, Pros & Cons

Python is still one of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world. It is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose language that is versatile and easy to learn. 

Simple and easy-to-learn Increases productivityA large amount of memory is used.
Incorporated automated garbage collection features Easy to use, read, learn, and maintainDuck typing can cause run-time errors.
Can be embedded with C, C++, and Java Supportive communitySlow in speed compared to other languages.
Built-in debugger Develops GUI applicationsHuge for a simple and small app or website
Highly dynamicEasily integrate with other languages such as Java or C++.Functions a little bit slower than other web development-oriented languages.

PHP: Features, Pros & Cons

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language geared towards web development. It is an open-source technology, which aids PHP developers in creating and maintaining user-driven websites impeccably.

Dynamic page content can be producedNoSQL and PostgreSQL databases can be linked with PHP.It is a poorly written language.
Provides Database integrationIt has efficient unit testingNot suitable for large-scale web applications.
Can encrypt dataPHP applications can be run on Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems.Extra features might affect performance.
It has predefined error reporting constants that produce error messages.Various web frameworks are available for creating responsive websites.It is challenging to modify basic behavior.
Compatible with Apache and IIS servers.PHP websites and applications typically run very fast.Lacks in securing the overall application.

When to Choose Python?

Python is not only used for web development, but its use cases include data science, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, and more. It is the best language for rapid prototyping and testing ideas quickly. Its simplicity makes it the best option for developing websites and software, task automation, data analysis, and data visualization. Since it is easy to learn, Python has been adopted by many non-programmers, such as accountants and scientists, for a variety of everyday tasks, like organising finances.

When to Choose PHP?

PHP is commonly used for server-side scripting, it generates dynamic web pages on the server before sending them to the client’s browser.  It can handle data processing, form validation, file uploading, session management, email sending, and more. It can also interact with different databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and SQLite.

Final Score

Both PHP and Python are great in web development, but now Python is the favourite among web developers. But PHP is incredibly versatile, both while a project is in progress and once it has been finished. So it is hard to choose one.

Choose the one according to your project needs as well as your PHP or Python abilities, knowledge, and expertise. Let's help you with that!!