Is Java Worth Learning in 2023?

Is Java Worth Learning in 2023?

Wondering if you should learn Java in 2023?

Java is a progressive language, and very popular among developers. Despite being around for over 25 years, Java is still one of the most popular platform independent language.

So, Java mainly used for ?

  • Mobile App Development.
  • Desktop GUI Applications.
  • Web-based Applications.
  • Enterprise Applications.
  • Scientific Applications.
  • Gaming Applications.

Why Java is Still Popular?

1. Beginner-Friendly

Java's main traits are its beginner-friendliness and competitive edge nature. Java is a great language to help you understand how to code and introduce to software development process.

2. In- Demand

 Most Android apps, are coded in Java. So in today's world of apps , java became an evitable programming language.

3. Large Supportive Community

The Java community consists of millions of members and still growing.


It's almost 2023 and Java is still the leading language because of its well-known functionality. A higher level programming language that is designed to create robust programs and services with low maintenance is Still Shining...