Generative AI In Marketing: 7 Use Cases 

Generative AI In Marketing: 7 Use Cases 

Generative AI + Marketing: Analyze competitor moves, assess consumer sentiment, and test new product opportunities.

Generative AI

It is no news that AI technology has transformed the field of marketing. Tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, is set to revolutionize how both B2B and B2C businesses are done.

Combining generative AI in marketing will personalize your marketing efforts, giving quick and actionable results. Generative AI assures high quality, relevant and engaging content. Generative AI is great in studying customer behaviors, so that it is used to create content that resonates with respective audiences.

Benefits Of Generative AI In Marketing

The use of AI has significantly risen to encompass almost all industries, let's see what it can offer to online marketing and advertising.

  1. Automation helps in time and budget savings
  2. Provide targeted and personalized content
  3. Generates innovative and inspirational marketing strategies 
  4. Provide faster replies to customers than humans
  5. Helps in evaluating and summarizing online information
  6. Automate content generation
  7. Fast writing process

Top Use Cases:  Generative AI In Marketing

There are many risks associated with the utilization of generative AI in marketing, but it also provides some advantages. This blog discusses some of the major use cases of generative AI in marketing.

  1. Text/Content creation: Generative AI algorithms helps in analyzing existing content and generate new content that speaks your brand's voice. Generative AI is useful in crafting ad copies, product descriptions, video advertisements and product demonstrations.
  2. Image generation: From textual prompts you can generate highly realistic images of your products using AI tools like Midjourney. Generative AI can be used to create visual branding materials, such as logos and graphics.
  3. Video generation: With generative AI, businesses can create high-quality video ads that can be used on social media or other video sharing sites. Businesses can showcase their products using product demos that are highly appealing.
  4. Search engine optimization: Generative AI is used to identify patterns in consumer behavior. This helps in market research and further aids in finding relevant, high-performing keywords and phrases for your digital marketing campaigns. 
  5. Customer service: Conversational AI tools can respond to and solve customer queries. They offer offer round the clock assistance on multiple platforms and personalized recommendations. Multilingual support and localization helps to maintain your brand presence.
  6. Cookieless marketing: Many platforms like Google chrome are phasing out third-party cookies. It will make you to less reliant on third-party cookies and uses other more transparent, privacy-centric tactics to target customers instead. 
  7. Music generation: Generative AI can be used to create ad music that is optimized for specific campaigns and audiences. These ads will be focused on audience's preferences and businesses can increase the effectiveness of their ads and drive more conversions.

Final Thoughts on Generative AI In Marketing

Generative AI is all about generating new and unique content. 90% of marketers who use AI say it's effective for content creation and marketing leaders expect to see an increase in the use of generative AI tools over the next two years.

Business leaders are ready to leverage generative AI in marketing to maximize SEO and brand exposure. We will help you to maximize the potential of Generative AI on your marketing efforts.