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10 Facebook Stats Every Marketers Should Know

Facebook Stats
Facebook Stats
Facebook Stats

Facebook—which is owned by Meta—is the most popular social media platform with 2.9 billion monthly active users (MAUs). A social media network that connects friends and families, and that help businesses using its digital marketing features. Facebook has become embedded in our lives and part of our daily life.

In this blog, we are covering 10 unique Facebook facts that every marketers should know for promoting their business/brand in this top social media platform.

1. Facebook is the world’s third most visited site with 25.5B visits/monthly.

2. 92% of social marketers are using Facebook for advertising.

3. Facebook has 329 million active users in India.

4. 75% of marketers use Facebook Messenger to engage with their audience.

5.  The average organic reach of a Facebook Page post is 5.2%.

6. Facebook removed 4,596,765 pieces of content in 2021 due to copyright, trademark, or counterfeit reports.

7. Users ages 25-34 years represent Facebook’s largest audience.

8. 82% of marketers say that social media campaign is important to their overall marketing strategy.

9. Facebook beats out TikTok for short-form video with 60.8% of user share.

10. Facebook is second to YouTube in live video with 42.6% of user share.

What are these statistics telling you?

Whether personal or for business, Facebook is a large social media platform with much potential to offer. So it is time to use this social networking service to good use.

Lets hope above mentioned Facebook stats can help guide your marketing in the right direction….

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