Happy Internaut Day: Celebrate The Creation of WWW With Some Fascinating facts

Happy Internaut Day: Celebrate The Creation of WWW With Some Fascinating facts

Internaut Day: Today marks the 32nd anniversary of the invention of World Wide Web.

World Wide Web (WWW) is most commonly used term nowadays and considered as the world’s fastest growing communication medium. We cant now imagine a world without the internet.

What most people think it is the Internet, however, the WWW is just one of the services on the Internet. The world wide web opened up the internet to everyone and  we are living in the world filled with the internet.  It connected the world in a way that sharing information became easier.

It was today, on August 23 in 1991 that World Wide Web's inventor Tim Berners-Lee allowed its access to the general public. So today is called "The Internaut Day" to mark the birth anniversary of the World Wide Web (WWW).

Did You Know?

Internaut is a term for a designer, operator, or technically capable user of the Internet.

Let's celebrate Internaut Day by sharing and knowing some mind blowing facts about WWW.

  • Tim Berners-Lee had made a project in 1980 which was about readable texts, embedded in links
  • In 1990, with the help of Robert Cailliau, Lee built a 'hypertext project' called 'WorldWideWeb', which could only be accessed through a browser.
  • In 1991, Tim published a short summary of WWW and internet was made accessible to the public.
  • In 1993, CERN announced that internet would be free to everyone and there would be no fee for its use.

And the Rest is HISTORY!!

  • At least 40 percent of the world has access to the internet.
  • There are 3.4 billion internauts as of 1 July 2016, half of these are on Facebook.
  • There are at least 1 billion websites on the WWW
  • The internet is host to almost one zetabyte of data
  • The average global connection speed is 5.7 Mb/s
  • It was invented for scientists.
  • It was a 'vague but exciting' idea.
  • It is *not* the internet.
  • The internet came before the world wide web.
  • South Korea offers the highest average connection speed of 26.7 Mb/s
  • India’s average connection speed is 2.5 Mb/s
  • At least 48.5 percent of internet traffic in 2015 was generated only by bots
  • As a whole, humanity tweets 7,300 times a second
  • We transfer and access 37,000 GB of data per second
  • We search for 56,000 items per second on Google.