Top 10 AngularJS Development Tools to Build Amazing Apps

Top 10 AngularJS Development Tools to Build Amazing Apps

There are so many JavaScript frameworks available for server-side and client-side rendering, but choosing the right one is always a difficult task.


AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the market. And it is an open source JavaScript framework written in JavaScript and used for dynamic web applications. AngularJS is great in creating interactive components of a website. 

Why Use AngularJS?

AngularJS is used as a structural framework for dynamic web apps. AngularJS offers wide range of features and functionalities, which makes it popular among developers. Here are some other reasons:

  • Intuitive and declarative interface
  • Very Easy to Learn and get started
  • Efficient usage of MVC
  • Lesser code
  • High performance
  • Affordability

Top AngularJS Development Tools for Developers

AngularJS helps in making a better connection between the HTML and JavaScript.

So, what makes AngularJS so effective as a software development framework? This framework has several tools that makes the job easier. These tools help developers build high-quality web applications. Some of the best are:

  • Karma: A testing tool developed by the AngularJS team that allows you to execute JavaScript code in multiple real browsers.

Features: Test on Real Devices, Remote Control, Easy Debugging

  • Webstorm: An integrated development environment for JavaScript and related technologies with a built-in Dark module.

Features: Static code analysis , Duplicated code hints

  • A tool that functions independently without jQuery integration giving development teams high levels of flexibility.

Features: Supports macros, Visualize complex decision-making processes

  •  Mocha.js: A high utility testing framework that supports asynchronous testing, browser support, test coverage reports, and use of any assertion library.

Features: Precise mapping of test cases, Supports various plugins and extensions for testing

  • Jasmine: A JavaScript framework for behavior-driven development (CDD)and works bet on Node.js code and on websites that support JavaScript runtimes.

Features: Self-contained configurations, User-friendly syntax, Clear error reporting

  • AngularUI: A set of user interface (UI) components used in AngularJS development which helps as building blocks to create an entire application with minimal code.

Features: Speed up your coding by using the raw directives

  • Restangular: An AngularJS service that simplifies common GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATE requests with a minimum of client code. 

Features: Improves the performance of web applications, Robust error-handling capabilities

  • Angular-Gettext: A library that helps you to generate text dynamically into your Angular applications.

Features: Provides relevant content, Automates the process of generating text 

  • Code Orchestra: Offers tools and features to streamline collaborative coding capabilities and enhance productivity. 

Features: simultaneous coding,  Built-in review feature for maintaining code quality

  • Videogular: An HTML-based video player designed to meet the video requirements of AngularJS applications.

Features: Easy incorporation of videos, Advanced video features such as playback control

Choose The Best AngularJS Development Tool 

AngularJS provides a dynamic approach for efficient and robust web development. There are plenty of powerful tools that helps you enhance productivity and help you to create the perfect Angular–based application that matches your business requirements.

There are many options available so choosing the right tool is rather difficult. Know the tools for your purpose and determine which tool is best for particular development needs. Let's us help you!!