The Best 7 Android Browsers To Surf The Web

The Best 7 Android Browsers To Surf The Web

Planning to buy an android phone? Your android phone comes with many pre-installed apps and features. One such app is a default web browser.

You all know that a web browser is an application for accessing websites so, an android browser is nothing but a mobile application for accessing the information on the WWW.

Android Browser

Android Browsers common features

  • Improve our browsing experience
  • Faster, more reliable and stable
  • More security

Most of us don't think twice about browsers of our android phone and we only use the in-bult one. That doesn't mean it is the best Android browser.  Dozens of web browsers are available on Android and install the best one based on the features and replace the default browser.

These are the best web browsers available to download for free right now.

Most Stable BrowserFirefoxReliable, secure and easy to useCan slow down phone
Best VPN BrowserOperaBuilt-in VPN, ad blockerCan slow down phone
Fastest Android BrowserChromeFast, easy to useLarge install for older phones
Best Gesture Driven BrowserDolphinGesture driven interface and many add-onsSlow and not so stable
Best Private BrowserDuckDuckGoBlocks tracking scripts, erases cookies Less Personalization
Best VR BrowserSamsung Internet Browse the internet with VRCan't sync with other browsers
Best for Smart BrowsingMicrosoft EdgeCustomizing the new tab page Fewer extensions and can't sync often

Final Words

Your phone may have a default browser, but consider other possibilities to improve our browsing experience. Some of them are best in terms of for privacy, speed, and user design. So, choose any of the above listed  top web browsers to install on your Android device today.