The 7 Ps' of Digital Marketing Mix

The 7 Ps’ of Digital Marketing Mix

Ever heard of the term ' Marketing Mix'? If you are a business owner, or marketer or business student, then you may have heard the term at least once.

Digital Marketing Mix

What is a Digital Marketing Mix?

The digital marketing mix  is a popular marketing strategy that implements the classical 4P's of marketing i.e.., product, price, place, and promotion to the digital marketing context. These four elements need to integrate into marketing plan to ensure the business is successful.

With every business is expanding their horizon on the internet, it is necessary to know how to establish a unique selling proposition or to reach the right customers in the digital world.

Since the vastness of digital world is huge, the 7P's of marketing is used to meet consumer needs and effectively place our offering in their minds. 

Here are the 7 elements of the digital marketing mix:

  1. Product: Prioritize making your product the best it can be and optimize your product lines accordingly. It consists of Design, quality, features, packaging etc.
  2. Price: Refers to the cost of a product your customer will pay.
  3. Place: The place where and how you provide your customers access to your products.
  4. Promotion: Use of online marketing communication tools to reach your target audiences like online advertising, public relations, direct communication, or sales promotions.
  5. People: Those involved in the online distribution and personnel who are in direct contact with customers.
  6. Process: Needed procedures and its optimization of delivering online products and the core experiences of it. 
  7. Physical Evidence: A way to tell how good a company’s experience is, such as facilities, interior designs, livery, and post-purchase artifacts (souvenirs).


7 P’s of online marketing model will give you a framework to use in your marketing planning and help you to develop a better marketing strategy for your business. Consider these elements of the mix in your day to day marketing decision making process with the goal to attract the right audience.