5 Key Components Of A Landing Page To Capture Leads

5 Key Components Of A Landing Page To Capture Leads

Components Of A Landing Page

A landing page: A follow-up to any promises that you've made in your content.....

Simply put, a landing page is the first page you “land on” after clicking a link online. A landing page can be anything: your homepage, a blog post, a product page.

Why landing pages are important?

A landing page is a separate web page created for marketing or advertising purpose. It is a main step to convert a visitor into a potential customer. Creating a competitive landing page that converts well is not a simple task. There is no standard guidelines to create a good landing page, it all depends on the customer/visitor's needs.

Key components an effective landing page should have to capture leads

Now that you know the importance of a landing page, it’s time to learn how to build one from the inside out! Lets learn a few key components for capturing leads via landing page.

1. A Strong Headline & Clear Subheading

The headline captures visitor's attention and entices them to stay on the page. It is first thing visitors will see, so it is essential that it describes clearly what a user will get from the page.

2. Unique Selling Proposition

Unique selling proposition (USP) is a clear statement that describes what your offer, how you solve your customer's needs and what distinguishes you from the competition. It should appear prominently on your landing page and in every marketing campaign.

3.Call to action (CTA)

A CTA button is the most important element of a landing page. It should stand out and must be placed in a prominent position so that victors can take action when they prefer it. A precise and clear CTA button wont leave a customer confused.

4. Powerful Video and Images

Visual content always relay best messages. It helps visitors to better understand what your offer is or what it looks like. Always display high-quality and relevant videos/images of your service.

5. Closing Argument

 This is the final chance to communicate the benefit of your offer, as your landing page comes to a close. It remind people why they want to buy this product.


There is no one-size-fits-all formula for landing page creation and its success. But creating a remarkable landing page can acquire loyal, lifetime customers. The average landing page conversion rate across all industries is 9.7%, Given that 10% is a benchmark for a good conversion rate.

So create an excellent landing page with these elements mentioned above, and you should see a hike in conversions.